Facebook: We copy your rights

For those who aren’t aware, it appears that by merely posting a photo on Facebook you grant (but not give up) full copyrights to Facebook and anyone with whom they partner. Lovely. Photography attorney Carolyn E. Wright has the full coverage: Facebook Can Use Your Content for Promotional Purposes

The good news is that the Facebooks “rights” to your content goes away when you take down your work.

Over on PhotographersHandbook.com commenter “jan sonnenmair” poses a good question: “Will facebook be liable if they use an image for ‘commercial, advertising, or otherwise’ if they don’t have model releases for the people in the images? Especially children.” Good catch. Hopefully these types of ramifications will cause Facebook to re-think and re-write their Terms of Service.

Bottom line: Don’t post anything on Facebook that you don’t feel like giving away, for any reason, with absolutely no control. If you have, take it down.

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