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Riding longer, riding lighter

What a day yesterday. I rode my usual ride to work (17.5 miles) but joined some folks from our company team at 5PM for what was said to be a ride of “about 20 miles.” I was a tad concerned … Continue reading

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Roubaix Rocks

The new bike is awesome! Cruising at 18-22 MPH is exhilarating compared to poking along at 14-16 MPH on my urban bomber. Those skinny little tires pumped up to a rock-hard 120psi make for near zero rolling resistance. Alas, the … Continue reading

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Roubaix on the way

I decided to take the plunge an order a road bike: Specialized Roubaix Elite Triple. My local bike shop, Wheel Away Cycle Center in Campbell, only had the charcoal, but I wanted the red: It should be here early next … Continue reading

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Reloading your JavaScript without reloading your page

Maybe you’re like me and develop your JavaScript with an endless cycle of “edit… save… refresh” to see/test the results. This gets pretty tiring if you’re having to fill in a form or wait for a complicated page to load … Continue reading

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Cycling Milestone

Weekends are, of course, my “big ride” days, building for the 2009 Tour de Cure on June 14.  On Saturday morning I met with a dozen or so other riders from company team to head out for what was supposed … Continue reading

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Tour de Cure: 10 weeks and 23 pounds away

As many of you know, I’m now on the hook to ride the 75K/50Mi route of 2009 Silicon Valley Tour de Cure on Sunday, June 14, 2009.  Since I took the winter off from riding, I’m seriously out of shape … Continue reading

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My Photo Selected

During a visit to Washington D.C. in 2000, I spent much time doing photography around Capitol Mall. A week ago I was notified that my photo of the “Three Soldiers” statue (below) was selected for inclusion in the Schmap Washington … Continue reading

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Comcast to Satisfy My Need for Speed

Yes! Comcast comes through with mad speed for SF Bay Area users.  Come to think of it, they better come through with higher speeds around here; we’re one of the few places in the country (except Texas) with an economy … Continue reading

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MSO-BIDI meaning

For those not familiar with working with Cascading Style Sheets for use by Microsoft Office product, some of the rules of the road can prove cryptic at best.  Case in point is the ” series of embedded styles.  These can … Continue reading

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Facebook: We copy your rights

For those who aren’t aware, it appears that by merely posting a photo on Facebook you grant (but not give up) full copyrights to Facebook and anyone with whom they partner. Lovely. Photography attorney Carolyn E. Wright has the full … Continue reading

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