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Showcase of outstanding data representation at

I can’t remember where I found it, but I ran across a fascinating time-based graphic depicting the growth of WalMart. Ever since taking the “Presenting Data and Information” course from the venerable Edward Tufte, I’ve been interested in information and … Continue reading

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Programmer food

OK, have to rebuild a ColdFusion 5 site for CF7 (convert modules to components. update HTML and CSS, blah blah). Yup, it’s late-night programming-o-rama for Phil.  There is only one approved food for midnight geeking… Nachos Bel Grande a la … Continue reading

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Rip roaring vacation… not.

OK, so last night we build a computer for my friend, Tim. (Yes, I builld computers, by hand, from scratch.) For a few hundred bucks in new parts, a spare copy of WinXP Pro, plus an old LCD and video … Continue reading

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Sick again. Ugh

I don’t think I’ve been sick twice in such a short period since I was a kid!  In late October I was out of work for over a week (completely unheard of) and now I’m getting the same stuffy nose … Continue reading

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