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Mundane updates about the various goings-ons of my life. This answers the question, “So hey, Phil, what’s going on with you?”

Comcast to Satisfy My Need for Speed

Yes! Comcast comes through with mad speed for SF Bay Area users.  Come to think of it, they better come through with higher speeds around here; we’re one of the few places in the country (except Texas) with an economy … Continue reading

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Programmer food

OK, have to rebuild a ColdFusion 5 site for CF7 (convert modules to components. update HTML and CSS, blah blah). Yup, it’s late-night programming-o-rama for Phil.  There is only one approved food for midnight geeking… Nachos Bel Grande a la … Continue reading

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Rip roaring vacation… not.

OK, so last night we build a computer for my friend, Tim. (Yes, I builld computers, by hand, from scratch.) For a few hundred bucks in new parts, a spare copy of WinXP Pro, plus an old LCD and video … Continue reading

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